About the band

Publication Quotes:

The Argus - "With the Top 40 charts full of songs with shallow and pandering lyrics, it’s refreshing to hear a band who sing from their heart."

Musicology - "The alt-rock 5-piece are an exciting new band bursting onto the scene!"

Thats Why We Musyc - "Oceans do not fit within a single genre bubble.
Like the lovechild of Ed Sheeran, Of Mice & Men, Head North, and Don Broco (if that were even possible), Oceans blend several influences to create a sound that is all their own, yet unlike anything we’ve listened to."

Gig Soup - "With excessive gigging, shuffling of band members, word of mouth and internet promotion, the band have matured both musically and physically, steadily building themselves a loyal fan base through to which to channel their cultivated sound into. ‘On & On’ demonstrates that transformation unquestionably, offering up a greater depth in their sound and confidence in their approach to achieve it. Most surprising of all, they’re unsigned."

Maximum Volume Music - "Never ending Oceans"

Shout It Loud Reviews - "Oceans are an exciting new band bursting onto the scene with their mix of alternative rock and post-hardcore sound."

G6Music - "Oceans are a breath of fresh air for the alternative and heavy rock movement within the city. Their style has truly enabled them to expand as artists resulting in them gaining a following around the Camden music scene in London."

United Underground Zine - “I only had to wait 50 seconds or so, as the verse of 'I Don’t Know What’s Mine', kicked in, to smile and tell myself that I liked this band a lot. It’s good to see real metal come to the forefront again."

Music Related Junk - “These Brighton lads and their new groovy rock single 'On & On' ought to suffice. It’s semi-proggy without being indulgent, catchy without being poppy, just an all-round solid tune. And those vocals will have the ladies swarming in.”

Rock and Roll Creations - “Although the band are in the early stages of their career, already they have an excellent sound to them and are
definitely one of the rising bands to watch over the coming year. With debut music from Oceans as powerful as this, this is a band you are
going to hear a lot more of in the future.”

IndieBeat - "They can also expect elements of funk, post-hardcore and lots of riffs! I’d imagine people listening to the EP will struggle relating it to anything else."

Blog Imo - "With funky, twangy bits with some smooth vibes and then a little bit of heavy rocking out."