The Luxemburgs

About the band

The Luxemburgs are a London-based band projecting their own unique style of Retro-Futuristic Rock 'n' Roll.

Named in tribute to the martyred German Marxist revolutionary, the band's live performances reinvent their studio recordings, integrating complex live synth arrangements, intricate close harmony vocal lines and dynamic live drums, bass and guitar.

The results sound like an amalgam of JS Bach, The Who, The Chemical Brothers and ABBA.Three singles have been recorded are are due for release in 2018 on Amber Records.

Photography by Jason Prentis

EP Reviews:

"Boasting influences as diverse as Kraftwerk and Smokey Robinson (not that they're especially esoteric, but there's a kind of unspoken gulf between the two), the Luxemburgs want you to move and they're about to force you to do it.
Not in an odd way, which leaves you needing therapy, but through sheer beat-creation. Their debut EP contains a mission statement consisting of three cuts of amphetamine-fuelled electro...second track 'A Night To Remember' is an absolute slayer, like New Order being smacked about a bit by The Clash. It rocks, completely and undoubtedly. If you're a little bored of trying to work out which dance genre you should like, try The Luxemburgs' fun and direct approach to classic dance-floor lunacy and maybe, just maybe, we can convince people not to bring back crap techno from Ibiza like some persistent flesh-eating bacterium." - Tasty Fanzine

"Retro styled three track corker from London based comboThe Luxemburgs ...a trio of hi - gloss in production nuggets of svelte mood-ist electro pop. The set opens with the clockwork rhythmic 'love in a dead end town' - harnessing the hook able pop sensibilities of Depeche Mode is no easy feat but here is pulled off with much admiring aplomb and cleverly threaded through a touching bleak noire like romanticism rarely heard since those early outings from The Smiths, yet endowed with a subtle sophisticated sheen that admirers of the much missed Leeds ensemble Yellow Stripe Nine may well swoon for. The buzz sawing pulse racing 'Night To Remember' is a darker affair still, interweaving house / acid vibes a la Underworld 'Born Slippy' this sexy and sleazy club floor crunching slab of dirty futuro funk seductively taps into the mind set of Heaven 17 c. 'Penthouse and Pavement' and twists into the matrix the essence of Aloof's 'One night stand' to provide a throbbing nocturnal teaser of some measure. The zig zagging candy twist popping 'Sheila' wraps up the set...cute as hell and so toe tappingly tasty you might want to consider nailing to the floor your dancing boots for fear of some form of hip harming hi-jinks. Check out their bandcamp page and rip yourself the quite exquisite 'HG Wells'." - Losing Today

"Considered pop with finesse and educated aplomb, a delivery that's stylishly tight and well rehearsed. The Luxemburgs are popsters for the masses.maddeningly catchy tunes and infectious vibes.This EP is polished, refined, nicely delivered and presents with a sense of light optimism and well-being. With their edgy sound and hook-laden songs, The Luxemburgs make it all seem too easy - everything sounds so refreshingly simple but cleverly, fully focussed." - Toxic Pete