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New Cross Inn

Towers Of London

New Cross Inn | 323 New Cross Road | SE14 6AS | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

Whatever preconceptions you have of Towers Of London, they will all change within seconds of listening to their new single 'Shot In The Dark'. The opening guitar riff is the driving force behind a vocal that paints a thousand pictures of aspiration and hope. With a chorus that wouldn't sound out of place being sung in stadiums all around the world, the Towers have finally gained a bite to their bark. But more importantly, they've got heart and are not afraid to show it. There isn't a more timely need for a song that unites people in an age where building walls is favoured over building bridges. And yes...Towers may have to rebuild a few bridges of their own as a result of their destructive past, but 'Shot In The Dark' will go a long way towards doing that.

It's been 10 years since the Towers first crashed onto the scene with their raucous punk rock anthems and fever pitch stage shows. Now under the guidance of legendary music manager Alan McGee and Creation Management, their forthcoming album 'Super Sounds Of K-Town' has nods to their past but open arms to their future as a global rock band.

Recorded in LA's Korea Town 'Super Sounds Of K-Town' is released in 2018, with the video for the first single 'Shot in the Dark' being premiered by the motivational and positivity Facebook page 'Bright Vibes' on November 17th 2017.

Support from:
More Kicks
The Kult 45s
The Road Atlas

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Towers of London indie // rock -

Towers of London are a band that wear their influences on their hearts.
2017 sees them blending rock, alternative, indie and rap into a melting pot, emerging with a brand new sound that defines them as a band that are inclusive to all kinds of music and exclusive of none. Their hedonistic reputation precedes them but they've grown into something more. The bands new dawn sees them here seeking to make a difference with the music they make. Rock and Roll, Spirit and Soul.

The Road Atlas punk // rock -

International rock band with punk influences.
We're based in London, come to meet us at the next show!

The Kult 45s rock // rock&roll -

Rockabilly Thugs.

More Kicks pop // punk -

What happens when you take a pop song, tear it to pieces and start again? More Kicks is an explosion that will hit you in the stomach and make your heart beat faster.
Pop can be dumb; garage can be clever; punk can be fresh; rock and roll can be revitalised. The four More Kicks members were born everywhere but formed in London. All of them drawn to the city for the same reason: to make loud music in small rooms. But every explosion needs its spark. For More Kicks, those sparks are everywhere. It's the crack of the snare drum on Be My Baby, the razor guitar on Jimmy Jimmy, the splintered throat on Caught By The Fuzz. More Kicks is the feedback in the riff, the distortion on the mic and the strain for the high note. You rip it up and then you put it back together. You watch it go up in flames and then you rebuild. More Kicks is a pop explosion.