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Dublin Castle

Lover + Lots Holloway + Cats On The Beach + Piss In The Wind

Dublin Castle | 94 Parkway | NW1 7AN | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

Lover– beefy soul inflected pop rock with a great vocal, techy ’80s crossover sound, big guitars, dance/hiphop textures and a chant along chorus perfect for radio. Blondie/Cardigans/Prince…  ‘A cross between the song you can’t get out of your head, and something you’ve never heard before but are desperate to hear again, Lover will stimulate your aural senses with music from the depths of dark and twisted cognition. You’ll find everything was grey before discovering this band, now grey is blue and lines are blurred – yet you’ll witness more of the world than you ever deemed possible. You’ve been offered a window into the unknown, are you ready to jump?’ Not many, we love Lover. ‘Lots Holloway is a vivid pop newcomer, someone whose sheer energy helps her stand out from the crowd. Born in a small Cornish town, she performs bubbling pop music laden with colour, which gets under your skin with a message of pure joy in the everyday is something everyone can relate to’ CLASH Magazine. Yep we concur,  soaring, uplifting pop with huge hooks, damn good. Cats On The Beach– Taking the darker but more organic end of The Cure, getting some baroque pop elements on board care of some fabulous violin playing and harnassing a little Radiohead noir too. Piss In The Wind – Our favourite band around 10 years ago, whose intense, edgy, post punk cum avant indie cum rocknroll romantique shoulda wowed more people at the time…well they’re back so maybe now will be Piss In The Wind’s moment. Acidic pop beauty.

Source: Dublin Castle website


Lover -

Making dark and strange appealing.

Lots Holloway indie // pop -

Lots Holloway, singer, songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist.
Making hugely addictive indie-pop bangers Label: Charlie Dilks: Agent: Natasha Guiotto:

Cats On The Beach punk // indie -

We mainly tear around London in ubers that are usually too small for our equipment to play shows that are usually too loud for any clear detection of Rob's vocals.
Before these shows we often grab a falafel, have a stab at amusing conversation and, when that fails, move onto existential philosophy, animal rights and red wine. En route back to the venue we vape and compare egos. Career highlights include BBC Radio coverage and gigs for the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music. Gary Crowley, a BBC DJ, said we were 'the band he had been waiting for', which was sweet of him. We fuse alt. rock with violins, trumpets, sizzling guitars, dark poetic lyrics and driving drums

Band members:
Rob Marenghi - Vocals/Guitars/Harmonica/Pretentious Hair
Gabriel Tenerini- Lead Guitar/Sloppy English
Liam Williamson - Drums/Vocals/Lanky Legs
Diego Quintano - Bass, Vocals, Hairy Italian Chest.
Hannah Page - Trumpets, Percussion, Fantastic Hair
Glenna - Violins, Percussion, Fiery Eyes