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Dublin Castle

The Von + Reno & Rome + The Ringards + Temple Of Time

Dublin Castle | 94 Parkway | NW1 7AN | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

The Von-Trio from Florida U.S.A playing highly accomplished and dynamic electro infused indie rock with an undertow of Prog, there’s moments of Muse-like intensity but it’s tempered by a pop nouse that puts ’em somewhere between Queen and the aforementioned Devonian demigods. Reno & Rome– Futuristic synth pop of a very commercial kind and catchy too, with elements of A.O.R rock a la Fleetwood Mac, but with a clipped 1980’s pop production, full of promise. The Ringards-Uplifting dynamic indie rock, there’s a possible nod to Babyshambles, especially in the vocal dept, but there’s a bit more depth to this, decent tunes too Temple Of Time– Breton shirts, skinny jeans, jaunty synth lines, summery sunshine powerpop, harmonies aplenty…. XTC at their fluffiest meets something uber pop and American such as whoever it was did the ‘Friends’ theme tune. No prizes. No doubting the songwriting nous and skillful arrangements, playing and especially harmonizing..they might be They Might Be Giants….

Source: Dublin Castle website


Reno & Rome pop // rock -

Hailing from Suffolk, East of England, Reno & Rome combine themes of love, euphoria and romance with infectious melodies and ethereal pop-rock.

The Ringards indie // rock -

Formed in the summer of 2017, under a hidden London sun. Playing indie rock, a mixture of classic high energy songs with big sing-along courses like tracks CPS or Dirty Riddles and mellow dreamy tracks like Tumbles and falls.
Each track is a different journey but always filled with catchy lyrics and made memorable with Enzo distinctive and hypnotic voice. There's a lot of ourselves in there. Words and ideas that always carried us closer to the picture.