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Windmill Brixton

Perrosky (Chile), Dear Man and more

Windmill Brixton | 22 Blenheim Gardens | SW2 5BZ | London
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Tickets £3
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Perrosky (Chile), Dear Man and more  at Windmill Brixton promotional image

PERROSKY (Santiago, Chile)

Perrosky is a two piece Chilean band formed by brothers Alejandro and Álvaro Gómez around 2002. From then on, their music walk through American blues, folk, garage and the precious early rock and roll played with grace, freshness and charisma.

With 6 LPs, 4 EPs and various singles released, the duet have performed at several international festival such as Lollapalooza Chile and Brasil, Primavera Sound festival (Spain), Fuji Rock (Japan), NRML (Mexico), SXSW (EE.UU.) along with different tours through Europe and South America.

They come to England for the first time with their last album Cielo perro from 2016, a darker sounding LP, where the band transits through worldly pain, rage and joy giving us some tunes coloured by 70s’ vaporous blues or fuzz guitars and heavier beats.



Post-punk vs garage-pop.


Source: Windmill Brixton website


Perrosky blues // folk

Perrosky can reproduce with rawness and fidelity the American blues, folk and rock and roll.
But at the same time, the localness from Chile in the sound and aesthetic can be perceived. It has been 12 years since Perrosky released a first cassette , After releasing a couple of albums Perrosky went to New York where they recorded and were produced by Jon Spencer and Matt Verta Ray (Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash). "Tostado" was released on 2011 in vinyl , shows the versatility on sounds, sensibility, and the most furious rock and roll, that only can be blended by Perrosky. Although the music has become more complex (but still just guitar and drums), the lyrics remain clear and simple. But with a evolved and expanded sound . With their fourth LP, Vivos (2013), it was the only Chilean band invited to Lollapalooza Chile and Brasil. also they performed for the second time in Primavera Sound festival (Spain). 2015 has been marked by more international tours. They went to their second Euro tour, where they found a welcoming audience. A few months later they were invited to the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, where their album Tostado was released in CD. At the same time, they continued to record their new album, "Cielo perro ", which is due to release at the beginning of 2016. In the meantime they release the single "En la vía” on a flexi disc.

Dear Man punk