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Dublin Castle

RADIO RAGE feat. Tadeo Man + (Tribute to Rage Against The Machine) + Ghost Note City + Manaking

Dublin Castle | 94 Parkway | NW1 7AN | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

Radio Rage – Tribute to Rage Against The Machine- Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me, well, I reckon they will play that song if you ask nicely, not to mention all the other gnarly punk metal and hiphop informed fiery fare of yer actual RATM. And tonite Radio Rage meets TADEO MAN, singer and founder of United Rage so two exceptional concerts in one! Ghost Note City-Muscular yet melodic prog tinged alt rock, recalls Bring me The Horizon in places, decent hooky tunes. Manaking– 1 crazy guy playing punky alt stuff freakout whilst wearing a harlequin hat and other strange vestements…..although he does have a full backing band …of mannequins… ‘Highly original & unique Concept Artist delivering uncompromising rock crossover music, rhythmic vocals & stunning live visual performances.’ Think Butthole Surfers meets John Otway, strange but true.

Source: Dublin Castle website