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New Cross Inn

Red Thirteen / I Am Drug / City of Smugglers / Piss In The Wind

New Cross Inn | 323 New Cross Road | SE14 6AS | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

Red Thirteen / I Am Drug / City of Smugglers / Piss In The Wind at New Cross Inn promotional image

New Cross Inn bring you an evening of rock bands. £3 ADV / £5 OTD (£3 students)
Doors 7pm Red Thirteen
4 piece ‘Sleaze Rock’ outfit – gritty & textured songs with high octane riffs and face-melting solos – *parental guidance* may cause decadent behaviour!
http://www.red-thirteen.co.uk/music.html I AM DRUG
Post-apocalyptic Art Rock band offering a ‘Rare Sacrement’ in the age of sterile, anodyne, business plan muzak. 
https://soundcloud.com/user-193204801 City Of Smugglers
Four piece Alt-rock band in South East London. Our first EP is on the way!
https://soundcloud.com/user-164671374 Piss in the Wind
An alternative rock vibe, southern rock riffs with sing along choruses.

Source: New Cross Inn website


I AM DRUG rock // pop

– The theatre of cruelty beckons with its potential for acute sonic revelation I.A.D. – Are a post-apocalyptic art rock band I.A.D. – All hail from Barry, S.Wales. A once thriving seaport & holiday resort gone to seed. Famous now for being the resting place of Fred West’s ashes & home to the once popular TV sitcom ‘Gavin & Stacey’. I.A.D. – Are: i. Luker Koenig – Buzzsaw guitar & Electronics Taif Ball – Bass Monster Sean Reohorn – Beat Master Christian Sargent – Shamanic Howl I.A.D. – Offer a ‘Rare Sacrement’ in the age of sterile, anodyne, business plan muzak. In fact when I.A.D. flex their collective muscle it’s the aural equivalent of being witness to a 3-way mash up of The Stooges, The Jesus Lizard and Joy Division. Pure, unadulterated rock ‘n’ roll noise!!! As the potent brew of sledgehammer subtleties and featherweight fury erupts Sargent is slave to the sonic assault. A spastic acrobat with jerking limbs & asylum antics, diseased and desperate the agony & ecstasy of the Human Condition. I.A.D. – Are building a fearsome reputation on the S. Wales toilet circuit with their explosive, unpredictable & energetic freak show. I.A.D. – Sins of insanity, enlightenment, insight, death & destruction. They aim to exhume rock ‘n’ roll’s festering, fetid corpse to administer one final brutal kicking. I.A.D. – Are driven by a contempt for youth’s misappropriation & complacency regarding rock ‘n’ roll’s awe inspiring & transcendental power. I.A.D. – Hold a mirror to their audience & reflect back a distorted, fractured vision of their wildest fantasies & deepest fears. I.A.D. – Access distant brainlands & return laden with songs of salvation & sorrow. I.A.D. – Are old enough to know better but better enough to know more. I.A.D. – Are…. The Antidote

City Of Smugglers rock

Four piece Alt-rock band in South East London

Our first EP is on the way!