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Windmill Brixton

"Sonic Bm #5" - black midi, Jerskin Fendrix and more

Windmill Brixton | 22 Blenheim Gardens | SW2 5BZ | London
Doors open:
About the gig-


Black Midi's first birthday party and the release party for the "Bm Bm Bm" seven inch vinyl on Speedy Wunderground records.

black midi

Selhurst teenage four-piece.

"whittling sparse piles of breeze-blocks into mysterious cranky monuments" - Misfit City


Jerskin Fendrix is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Shropshire

" a smart operator with a wise, knowing line in media-savvy one-man synth pop, who uses Autotune like a dance of the seven veils, and who knows how to make use of lo-fi bedsit trappings without being trapped by them" - MISFIT CITY


Keys, samples, live drums.


Dark observations in an electro framework.

"a curious beast" - Tom Ravenscroft, 6Music


Fully paid-up members of the South London Lunatic Performers Collective. Take a trip through the outer door. Music, art, video & social commentary.

Source: Windmill Brixton website


Legpuppy punk // pop -

A genre bending Electro Punk four piece from South London.

Music film Maker Henry Irvine described them as "The best live band I’ve seen in 5 years".

Tim Perry from the Windmill Brixton gave them the tag “Fully paid up members of the South London lunatics performance collective”

Electricity Club wrote
“There’s a dark electro element at play here, but at the same time there’s a brash, cheeky line in lyrics that suggests a nod to the likes of Ian Dury”

The band consist of
Darren Laurence aka Oogan - Songwriter, synths, drum machines, sampler, vocalist
Claire Jones aka Doctor Jones - Songwriter, vocalist, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Rich Bass - Guitars
Simon James aka Hugo Bamoboo - Clown
Cate Sommerville aka TwatRa - Female Bez
Bev Edmonson aka Booby - Vocals, keyboards

Darren & Claire formed LegPuppy at a house party in Wales.
Everyone else was name-dropping and showing off with their band names, so when asked if they were in a band, they both replied with yep, out popped Leg from Claire & Puppy from Darren, the rest is history.

Claire has performed 100s of gigs as a solo artist; she is a classically trained guitarist, a published author and a university doctor with letters after her name, she’s also part of the Grammar Police.

Darren is a freelance designer, who spent 5 years DJing some of London’s top clubs, he also has a radio show on Artefakto Radio, with the likes of Rusty Egan.

Phil has previous label experience and has toured with his previous band.

Simon is a trainee actor & performance artist.

Its very hard to categorize their music, as there are elements of Primal Scream, Underworld, Massive Attack & the Prodigy at work here.

One thing is for sure, this band are made for dance tents at large festivals.