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Davide Lo Surdo + Guns of the Seneca + Vs. Robots + Chang


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Davide Lo Surdo – ‘He can play 129 notes in o e second!’Something very different to bring closure to tonight’s happening.. Ladies and Gents ‘The Fastest Lad Guitarist In The World!’….we kid ye not, this Italian talent of tender years can play the guitar not so much like ringing a bell as like Roadrunner on meth in hot pursuit of Billy Whizz gone Supersonic. An unmissable spectacle is promised that may well please fans of yer Malmsteins and Vais but will be an incredible entertainment for anyone who likes a bit of Britain’s Got Talent-esque high camp. Guns of the Seneca-Compelling  post-rock via prog,  nice Gilmour-esque guitar and they’re all great players and expert at the ‘ol light n shade dynamic. . Sorta Porcupine Tree via Explosions In The Sky prog and post rock with a dash of something a bit more folky and reflective. Vs. Robots-spacey synth sounds and quirky proggish passages that recall Calvert era Hawkwind and melancholic Rush meets Muse alt rock. Quite adventurous and definitely experiememting with the forms but commercial all the same. Chang– ‘It does what it Fucking wants too , always will and always has. CHANG is sick to the bloody and bored gills of existence with the current offerings the world slings out, are you sick too?Yes, Chang we are. A glorious noise, the sound of Chang. NOT Snow Patrol.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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