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Spizzology + Nuffin + Lover + Jakobi


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London
PRICE: £10

Gig Description

Spizzology  The 40th anniversary Spizz Oil party may have been put on ice as guitarist Pete Petrol is stuck in the Antipodes but never fear as SpizzEnergi guitarist Luca is on hand to play the Spizz greats with the man himself. From those wonderfully stark early records we know and love, post punk essentials on the road to the multi faceted Spizz machine, to later Spizz punky pop classics via some choice covers. Spizz Dublin Csdtle Summer Party # Nuffin – On 3rd August 1977, Nuffin’ turned up at the legendary Roxy Club to play ‘Audition Night’, only to find that Janet Street-Porter and a TV crew had taken over. Luckily, they were looking for an ‘undiscovered’ band as a counterpoint to all of the hype around at the time. And so a brief snap-shot of the the four Caterham teenagers, strutting their stuff and sharing their take on life, was captured for posterity.  First band to feature 13 year old drummer Dee Generate too, poached by Eater who were all of 15 at the time. A mere forty years later (40th anniversaries all round) they’ve just completed their debut album ‘Crowd Control’, what a wonderful thing what with their charming irreverent old school punk pop played clean and fast just like back in the day. Anyroad, a perfect foil for your Spizz Oil. Lover-Big bollocked soul inflected pop rock…great vocal, techy ’80s crossover sound, big guitars, dance/hiphop textures and a chant along chorus perfect for radio old schoolwise  Jakobi-gritty post-pink informed indie rock, sounds a bit like The Gun Club in places and there’s some interesting dissonant guitar sounds, compelling stuff and pretty unique, fine work.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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