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Dublin Castle

Eastern Fool + Caylon + Come at the King

Dublin Castle | 94 Parkway | NW1 7AN | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

Eastern Fool- Psychedelic indie rock there’s a definate Blur influence, but you can also detect Barrett era Floyd and the heavier, darker more psych beatles tunes, neat. Caylon- Intricate funk rock which recalls the clipped soulful Funk of the meters, but also references Funkadelic, goes off at tangents, but also holds the attention, plenty in the way of hooks, at times it sounds a bit prog too, but in an Edgar Broughton Band kinda way, great stuff Come at the King- Bluesy indie rock n roll with the likes of White Stripes and Black Keys popping up as possible influences, but there’s a hypnotic pscyhedelic feel to things that recall early spacemen 3 in places .

Source: Dublin Castle website


Eastern Fool indie // rock -

Indie / Rock from East London.

'In the Light of Reason' out now.

Come at the King rock&roll -

Rock and Roll band from London.
Recorded some demos and looking for gigs. Have a listen, we think you'll like it. Add us on Instagram and Facebook @comeatthekinguk