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Smashing It Up + (A Decade of Chaos With The Damned) + Kieron Tyler + Tony Bugbear And Julie Hamill + The London SS + (RNR Book Club)


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Rock And Roll Book Club – Smashing It Up. A Decade of Chaos With The Damned By Kieron Tyler – The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Damned were the originators of British punk rock, forming a three-pronged attack on a self-satisfied rock elite and were the inspiration to a new generation of music fans: the fans who would define the future. Forming in 1976, The Damned went on to be the first punk band from the UK to put out a single – New Rose in 1976, an album – Damned Damned Damned in 1977, and the first British punk act to tour the US.  They went on to have 9 singles feature on the UK Top 40 singles chart (so far!)…. Putting The Dammed in context for the first time as one of the UK’s great rock bands, Smashing It Up is the history of this important band and their original members. Packed with tales of the band’s encounters with other key musical figures of the time, Smashing It Up also investigates their permanently strained relationship with the wider music business in general. Julie Hamill and Tony Gleed host this DC RNR Book Club spesh with the usual kick ass Q and A with Kieron Tyler plus bespoke roots, shoots and fruits Damned good soundtrack topping and tailing the experience. Strawberries all round… Drawing on interviews with the original band members, their friends, associates and eye witnesses on their chaotic journey, Smashing It Up is the definitive history of The Damned, putting the record straight once and for all placing them as pivotal ground breakers of punk rock. About the author: Keiron Tyler writes for Mojo and The Arts Desk, and has written for The Independent, The Guardian, Q, Billboard and Music Week. He is a lifelong fan of The Damned. The London SS – The Damned were initially sparked from a musical meeting of minds engendered when Brian James and Chris Miller did a brief stint in a proto punk London rocknroll institution.  The London SS not only briefly  featured these 2 Damned stalwarts but bridged the gap between the Dollsy glamerama of The Hollywood Brats (Eunan Brady is still in the band today) and the pre punk milieu, with Mick Jones (The Clash) and pre Gen X/Sigue Sigue Spitnik Tony James calling the shots. Indeed it was Tony James who first gave Chris Miller the name Rat Scabies, having noted the rash suffering drumming genius had more than a passing likeness to the rat he’d killed with a brick in the fetid London SS rehearsal space one afternoon. Anyway, The London SS live on, performing a furious and feral punk rock roll fulla Dolls, Stooges and Dead Boys like bangers. No rats will be harmed in their performance….

Source: Dublin Castle website

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