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Dublin Castle

Mad Manson 303 + Faith + Dark Actors + Stone Cold Buffalo + DJs We Got Killers

Dublin Castle | 94 Parkway | NW1 7AN | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

Mad Manson 303– psychedelic blues with countercultural MC5 type nuances, ripping some frenzy out of virtuosity. Faith – Citing influences like The Cult and Joy Division, and hitting some jangly indie pop inflections with soaring anthemic choruses, a bit like Mighty Lemon Drops filtered through Doves and Missing Andy all rocking really strong tunes and a crisp production culture, cool. Dark Actors – The Dark Actors play in glorious technicolor. With soulful vocals delivering enchanting melodies, backed with intelligent harmonies and full-blooded guitars. Influences vary widely from legends like David Bowie, Pink Floyd & Supergrass as well as embracing the energy of the Americana scene led by bands such as Tom Petty, The Eagles & My Morning Jacket. Stone Cold Buffalo- Snappy garage pop with some lovely swirling n swelling organ that reminds of ? and the mysterions, but a grunged up version thereof, it rocks intensley but also skanks admirably and they’ve decent hooks too, fine work

Source: Dublin Castle website