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New Cross Inn

323 New Cross Road SE14 6AS London

Gig Description

Megalomatic at New Cross Inn promotional image

New Cross Inn presents an evening of hard and heavy rock with Glasgow’s Megalomatic. £5 ADV / £6 OTD
Doors 7pm Megalomatic
Powerful, progressive, face melting riffs packed full of passion and controlled emotion.
While Megalomatic can play it dark, fast and heavy, their songs have surprising breaks and shifts that catch the listener off guard and beg for repeat listens. Their varied musical tastes that range from Mastodon to Everything Everything, demonstrate that this is a band that draws inspiration from the least likely of places.
“These guys have taken rock right back to its barest bones here, & I just love it! … Totally unpretentious & very thought provoking!”
Way Out Radio, UK. With support from: Skull Above The Cannon
An alternative metal trio currently based in London.
The band came together in Sicily in 2014 after a musical retreat in Castelmola, a small village overlooking the Ionian Sea and that thereafter became the band’s unchanging artistic cradle.
In 2015 the band released their EP of the same name and performed as the support band for Brazilian frontman, Edu Falaschi (Angra, Alamah) at some of his Italian concerts. This first release offers audiences and critics a sound that reintroduces the origins of prog-metal, punk and 90s stoner rock (Tool, Uzeda, Melvins). Uncle Sid
We are Uncle Sid! We are from the West Coast of Canada, in beautiful Vancouver B.C.
To begin we’d like to describe our sound a bit to you. We consider ourselves to be a melodic Hard Rock’n Metal band with a sound that we play with dynamic passion along with lots of classic and present day influences.
Simply stated, Uncle Sid loves Rock and Roll and playing it live! Along with head banging beats and our dynamically composed tunage we deliver, experiencing Uncle Sid “Live” is truly a visual and aural sensation! We come to you straight from the heart and we’re ready to Rock YOU! The Fascinators
The UK’s one and only “Thrash Cabaret” band combining the sounds of Rock, Metal, Punk and Prog with the image and influence of Drag, Cabaret and Glam Rock, The Fascinators are a treat for all the senses of those who dare to sample them

Source: New Cross Inn website