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The Ba + Get Set Go + The Vulz + R.E + DJs We Got Killers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Ba -formed by guitarist and songwriter Nick Jacobs, co-founder of Bristol arthouse indie-rockers Blue Aeroplanes, with a name based on the first sound made by any child in any culture. The band was originally active 1976-78 and recently reformed. The music is straight down the line from that time, not exactly punk, but very much reflecting the mood of that era: described variously as “an alchemical fusion of Syd Barrett and Dr Feelgood” and “like a more primitive Talking Heads played by people who’ve never heard Talking Heads”. Back in the day,  played the Roxy and Dingwalls, and supported Johnnny Thunders (‘We came close to blowing them off stage!’) A remastered tape is in the pipeline. Brilliant, can’t wait… Get Set Go – “I hate everyone” as featured on Greys Anatomy is a lyrically incisive and despite it’s title wonderfully uplifting tune, has a Weezer vibe without really sounding like them, see also King Missile. The Vulz – Dollsy sleazoid rocknroll meets a bit of 1960s garage and classic Brit punk to make a swinging Heartbreakers type happening full of great tunes. Beloved of famed radio DJ Chris Evans, who has featured them on his show numerous times and recently put them in front of 2,500 people supporting Status Quo at Carfest. Ace. R.E– – Former Nome (now in WAHL, R.E is Rachel’s solo project) chanteuse Rachel Still brings her fabulous vocal prowess back to The DC. Wonderful material like a warm sonic bath of loveliness.

Source: Dublin Castle website