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Dublin Castle

Feather Trade + Queen Thin + Paprika Kinski + Tiger Mimic

Dublin Castle

94 Parkway, London, NW1 7AN

About the gig-

Feather Trade –From Athens Georgia USA  – very well executed noirish and frantic alt rock with gothic, post punk and psych leanings, a great bit of Bobby G in The Mary Chain style drum minimalism and some proper frenzy in the vox and guitars. Sisters Of Mercy meets Killing Joke et al. Cool..  Queen Thin-Psych pop recalling late 60’s brit gear like The Creation but also post C86 indie, the early Creation Recs catalogue for example via Sarah  Records and Antipodean indie, Chills, Straightjacket Fits etc. Neat. Paprika Kinski- Frothy cutesy electropop with kitsch funk and disco undercurrents and breathy female vocal plus some great rock out passages augmented by theremin on the very fetching ‘Steady Lover’ – the ghost of French luminaries like Gainsbourg and France Gall certainly present. Sassy and sophisticated, lots to enjoy here. Tiger Mimic-Indie rock shot through with funk, pretty unique, there’s a vague reference to The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, has that edginess but much more danceable and hooky, great stuff

Source: Dublin Castle website