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No Blinkers + The Small Wonders + Lover + Skilda


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

No Blinkers– Italians who have located the romance in the post punk and new wave music of the British Isles and perform an array of songs from that era with incredible power and passion, and a twist of their very own band style. So think Cure, Killing Joke, Banshees and so on. A fabulous night out if you dig your late ’70s and early ’80s noir pop gems. The Small Wonders– so what better than to pair them up with our very own twisted punky covers coves The Small Wonders? Joy Division , Buzzcocks , Clash , and a bit more up to date with the likes of Kaiser Chiefs . Played the Castle quite a lot in the 1990s these guys when we were young, dumb and full of it. Better compare set lists guys…Lover – Excellent female fronted pop rock of a Blondie cum Garbage kinda hue, plenty of spiky edges and tuneful endeavours all done with tood and gusto. Skilda-Electronica with spaced out mantras care of a female vocalist keying into a kind of Celtic Bjork thang (from Brittany) – very impressively it must be said, as dark troublesome tribal techno builds care of her percussionist male pard…so live drums and electronics on devoces presumably… Chemical Bros, Prodigy type bangin crossover electronica, Fab.

Source: Dublin Castle website