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Temple Lake + Flare Voyant + Dustin Dooley And The Sesh


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Temple Lake – Temple Lake fuses “the riff-heavy stadium rock of the 70s with the grit and anger of the 90s grunge scene. Being heavily influenced by rock legends such as: the doors, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam the band also dwells in the psychedelic finishing the mix with a solid dose of 2018. Flare Voyant – “’Flarevoyancy’. It’s only the second gig that I’ve attended, and these boys have already managed to coin a word that captures their whole essence. With impeccable dress, bohemian airs and cosmic vibrations, Flare Voyant radiate rock ‘n’ roll” SOUND ADDICT Dustin Dooley – Dustin Dooley, 26, is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with roots in Germany and America. His deep love for music covers multiple genres such as rock, funk, soul, and blues, which he cleverly blends to create his original music

Source: Dublin Castle website

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