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Chaos Theory presents: Evi Vine / Common Eider, King Eider / Drekka


The Victoria

451 Queensbridge Road E8 3AS London

Gig Description

Chaos Theory presents: Evi Vine / Common Eider, King Eider / Drekka at The Victoria promotional image

An evening of powerful post-rock, drone, ambient, doom and dark folk from the UK and USA.

Evi Vine Music

A singer and songwriter, complete with band, who’s a true tour de force. Delicate, haunting melodies and heart-wrenching vocals build up to formidable crescendos, resulting in a sound that explores the darkest side of ambient, psychedelic folk and post-rock.

Currently working on her jawdropping third album, this will be a first chance to hear her latest material.

“Dark and troubled… yet it’s soothing and comforting.” – Louder Than War Magazine

Common Eider, King Eider (USA)

Few entities in the avant-garde and experimental underground have been able to evoke vivid visions and sentiments of loss, immateriality, abandon, and boundless ritualistic immensity like San Francisco’s dark ambient-doom sorcerers Common Eider, King Eider.

Featuring Deerhoof‘s Rob Fisk, the project takes cues from revolutionary artists like Lustmord, Throbbing Gristle, Wardruna, Dead Can Dance, Halo Manash, Arvo Part and Sunn O))), through their levitating, soul-shattering and black hole-sized ritualistic black ambience, Common Eider, King Eider have elevated themselves to the rank of near-mystical figureheads in the realm of modern dark ambient and drone music.

This tour supports the release of an EP for Cyclic Law in the summer and a LP for Consouling Sounds in October.

“It is refreshing to hear an artist not only serve the genre so well but breaks new ground in the process. Highly recommended.” – Avant Music News

Drekka (USA)

Throughout years of performing and recording, Drekka has explored early industrial tape culture, fragile ambient field soundscapes and expansive cinematic textures. His work and performances touch on themes of silence, memory, and forgetfulness. But rather than obscure himself, Drekka functions as a direct line into creator Michael Anderson’s mind and his tenuous cache of memories. These personal aspects and this fragility are clearly on display, rather than being obfuscated by poetic abstractions.

Owing something to the soundscapes and non-linear impressionism of Cindytalk and Coil, the industrial gravity of Einstürzende Neubauten and Hafler Trio, and the cinematic collaborations of Edward Artemiev/Andrei Tarkovsky and Simon Fisher Turner/Derek Jarman, he’s managed to keep his work very unique and personal.

We’ll be able to hear music from his upcoming album, out on 14th September.

“Play it before you go out, and you might want to stay in.” – A Closer Listen

“Drekka’s Michael Anderson plays with dualities of song versus not-song and the beautiful versus the grotesque.” – The Wire


£8 at

£11 on the door


Source: The Victoria website