Dublin Castle

The Charity Case + City of Smugglers + The Reverse + The Imaginary Hat

Dublin Castle | 94 Parkway | NW1 7AN | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

The Charity Case – formed from the ashes of the The Sting-Rays with the addition of vocalist She Rocola who, according to the Melody Maker in 1988, was the “heart wrenching combination of a singer that sounds like Deborah Harry while looking like Juliette Greco”. So… this is Joe Whitney and She Rocola’s first band back together 30 years later! Post punky post psychobilly/garage with ace awkward squad indie edges. Trash Wax Records has reissued their “How To Fall” LP. Come and enjoy it tonite. City of Smugglers-Dynamic and damn hooky alt-rock, like a hard edged and grittier Arctic Monkeys via Royal Blood,  Fab. The Reverse- Melancholic yet uplifting indie pop, there’s a thread of wistful psychedelia, via post punk which recalls The Soft Boys, also Pavement, quite quirky in places but also compelling, holds the attention, decent tunes. The Imaginary Hat- A fab and frothy blend of 1920’s Jazz, punk and grunge, works a treat, great brass section and playful tunes played at a fair old clip, when their punking things up and something more akin to Swordfishbones Tom Waits when they slow things down. Great

Source: Dublin Castle website