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Dublin Castle

Diaphragm Failure + The Navettes + San Raquel + Howlin May Queen

Dublin Castle

94 Parkway, London, NW1 7AN

About the gig-

Diaphragm Failure– free form post punking psychedelicists jamming up a lysergic blend of Pil, Hawkwind and The Stooges. A lottta fun! The Navettes-Spangly synth pop from Manchester a nice crisp production with intricatley melodic tunes, plenty in the way of hooks,live energy and dynamism. San Raquel- Deftly and dynamically executed Funk rock, strong tunes too there’s a whiff of Red Hot Chilli Peppers but with a discernable brit twist.  Howlin May Queen play blues rock psych doings with Hendrix type guitar throttlings and a kool keening vocal. The sound of stimulation and distressed leather. Rocking. 

Source: Dublin Castle website