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1234 Presents: Meatraffle, Starsha Lee, Freakouts, Uncle Tesco


The Victoria

451 Queensbridge Road E8 3AS London

Gig Description

1234 Presents: Meatraffle, Starsha Lee, Freakouts, Uncle Tesco at The Victoria promotional image

1-2-3-4 Presents


PSYCHEDELIC SOCIALIST UTOPIAN .Death Ragga, Erroneous Funk, Bastard Music.

Starsha Lee

“Starsha Lee is a badass maniac from Portugal whose vocal prowess approximates Yoko Ono, Babymetal and some psych ward denizens. On their debut album ‘Post-god Metaphysics’, the band (a British unit led by six-string assassin Crispin Gray) shore her up with a no-frills strain of post-punk and glam that make them as cool as an axe and all the better to trash the room they’re playing in. A kickass riffola team fronted by a woman frantically looking under your couch cushions for her meds: What’s not to love?” – Alternative Press


“With a rough FIDLAR-esque sound, FREAKOUTS are an angry, vibrantly impassioned punk band with an insatiable sense of outlandish chaos rippled through their music. Aggressively riotous and disordered, the heavy pounding riffs set a solid gritty foundation for the band’s sound.” – Indie Underground

Uncle Tesco

Bo Gritz DJ SET

£6 BUY ON DICE – UK, USA & France NOW


Source: The Victoria website