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Punk Rock Payday Karaoke + Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke + Rebel Nation + Dogshite + Left For Dead


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Punk’s Payday Karaoke– Payday Punk Rock And New Wave Karaoke is our monthly fourth Friday of the month regular Dublin Castle sing and be Damned happening. Featuring our bespoke punk and indie covers crack team The DPRK– AKA Democratic Punk Rock Karaoke– and their mahoosive book of fabulous songs that you can perform live on stage in London’s most iconic venue.  Featuring special guest turns and DJ Fuzz at the musical controls to keep the party going til the wee wee hours, this will be your monthly must attend event in Camden Town and certainly the only one where you can unleash your inner Johnny, Debbie, Joey or Joe. Or Was… as it needs to be free entry, nobody wants to support it and we’re not Rothschilds we’ve had to make this the bye bye party. A mere fiver to you. From Beastie Boys to The Clash via The Hives or Nirvana a multitude of great material here for you to enjoy.  Rebel Station – Pacey punk rock 2nd wave style via early U’S hardcore, a possible nod to the likes of  Dead Kennedys but has the ramshackle irreverance and hookiness of bands like Johnny Moped, good stuff… Tommy from Rebel Station’ s birthday tonite so a very happy punk rock birthday to him and praise be for this rambuncious birthday punk rock selectionhere tonight to perform for you before the karaoke kicks in! This will be one helluva party….feat. Left For Dead – DIY, Anti-Fa, Melodic old school punk rock with an aggressive edge. Dogshite-  formed because they wanted to have a laugh and to make music to equal to that of their heroes of old, bands like obscurist indie types the Shapes and Kleenex, mixed with the sound, energy, and political nihilism of classic punk bands like X-Ray Spex, the Slits and Anarcho legends Crass. Check the lineage…. Guy Mcaffer (legendary London Techno Producer and ex- Back To the Planet), and Chris Liberator (notorious Acid Techno DJ also of Anarcho-punk agitators Hagar The Womb, Cold War, and We Are Going To Eat You) recruited budding vocalist and squat-party debutante Carmel (aka Tiddles) and and have recruited Carl (Back To The Planet Bassist/DJ Trashman) to play bass. Humorous  agit-pop/ska tinged socially aware anarcho Punk Rock. Ace way to kick off the nite… 

Source: Dublin Castle website

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