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Menace + Hung Like Hanratty + Deviant Heart + The Satellites + Skurvi + Yer Mum + The Glorias + Skiv


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

BUGBEAR AND BLACK DOG YULETIDE PUNK ALL DAYER Starring Menace, Hung Like Hanratty, Deviant Heart, A-Heads, Skurvi, Yur Mum, The Plague UK, The Phobics, The Glorias, Dresden Dogs – kicking off at 3pm, Santa hoovers up some sulphate, downs his snakebite and merrily empties his studded leather sac all over The Dublin Castle to gift you the best punk rock present you could hope for: a selection f the very best bands doing the rounds today, topped off fittingly by the marvelous Menace, still kicking ass in their 40th year of fierce fury.    

Source: Dublin Castle website

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