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Seprevation // DeathcrusH // Dygora


The Unicorn

227 Camden Rd NW1 9AA London

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a 4-piece Death Thrash Metal band from Bristol UK. Seprevation really do slay to say they are one of the best undgerground extreme metal bands in the UK is no exaduration. On record they will blast you away but the raw energey they provide at a live show is just on point. An absolute must see! "Truly evil sounding death metal from Bristol, true to the 80's and 90's masters. For fans of Death, Possessed, Sadistic Intent etc." - Terrorizer Magazine


Italy's OSDM outfit DeathcrusH formed in 2003. Since then they have continued to improve laying down heavy and heavy riffs. In February 2013 the first full-lenght album called "Collective brain infektion" was released by casket music and the band played in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sardinia and in some festivals along with Hour of penance, Natron, Obituary and many others. The band sign a deal with The spew records / Punishment 18 records for the release of the new album called "Hell".


Having been writing, touring and existing for almost two years since our early incarnation; Dygora have been prominent in the local scene, delivering an auditory message that reflects upon our inner thoughts and experiences. We bring to you our interpretation of extremity and perseverance.

"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken".


Drunk bastards from London playing death and brutal thrash metal since 2015.
Inspired by bands like Death, Pestilence, Sepultura, Dark Angel, Sarcofago, Slayer, Demolition Hammer, Dying Fetus, Black Dahlia Murder, Genesis, WHAM and Avril Lavigne.

Source: The Unicorn website

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