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Thee Lucifer Sams + Flesh Tetris + Stella Wembley + Andrew Robert And The Three Kings


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Thee Lucifer Sams – “Spellbinding psych… an absorbing mesmeric experience. A true psych experience.” As described by the renowned Louder Than War Website. As Thee Sams say… ‘We’re not indie, we don’t play songs. we never play the same set twice. We’re a loud psychedelic rock band… think Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd doing Interstellar Overdrive…. fuck all this bullshit about indie bands trying to write nice tunes inspired by Oasis/Arctic Monkeys or whatever,  it’s really boring… so, let’s DO IT MAN!’…Amen! Flesh Tetris- glam space future psych with tech goth pop appeal and a hearty and healthy post X Ray Spex sassy punk angle, though with this lot you get two Poly Styrenes in the fab forms of Eva Menon and Karen Bell. Also starring Andy Heintz and Jez Miller from The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing and ace bass overlord Andy Dukey Duke. Fantastic band, 2019 shall be their’s..Stella Wembley – From Los Angeles, a flame haired singer songwriter steeped in opera and classical music but tapping into a Celtic fringe introspective pop. ‘No society has been so deeply alienated as ours from nature. I play music because it’s all I can do’.Andrew Robert And The Three Kings – a Muse aspect may be discerned herein what with the soaring vox, but these Three Kings like to get on a 70’s gritty glam tip a la Mott The Hoople or The Who.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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