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The Curious Incident + Grace Solero + Aftershock + Sam Gifford And The Innocent


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Curious Incident – Indie-Rock with a Caribbean Twist.  DIY Mag said it’s a “Pure Blast of Vitamin D“….edgy alt rock with pop sensibilities aplenty and latino touches, and very musically adept, catchy tunes, crafted fare.  Grace Solero –  elements of Zep, Sound Garden, late Beatles and Pearl Jam in the very musically sophisticated setting weeved expertly by the band here as Grace Solero her good self wraps some remarkable vocal prowess around heartfelt lyrics full of lovelorn emotion. Aftershock –Infectious Groove Rock Their sound draws influence from bands such as Audioslave, Heaven’s Basement, Living Colour etc Sam Gifford – indie pop with a definite nod to Mumford and Sons but also Coldplay and Springsteen, featuring intricate and compelling arrangements and uplifting with it.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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