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The Infested


New Cross Inn

323 New Cross Road SE14 6AS London

Gig Description

ShuffleSharp Presents: Friends, enemies, what can I say? It's been a hot fucking minute / four years since I hauled my haggardy raggedy arse into gear and put on a fucking show apparently...? So, how about we blow out the fucking cobwebs, have a fucking dance and maybe have a fucking cheeky tactical fucking puke round the fucking back of Chick Chicken?  Shufflecore (in association with those craven scumbags at Be Sharp Promotions) proudly presents: an evening of the UK's finest Crack Rock Steady, Ska Punk, Ska(te) Punk and Freeform Acid Casualty Jazz.    The Infested The Foamers Just Say Nay Bogus Gasman Cereal Box Heroes   Friday, 22nd March New Cross Inn 7pm £5 -  I never thought I'd see the day The Infested started playing live again, let alone that I'd be able to coax them down to London and fool them into playing. Easily one of my favourite ever bands. So. Much. Love. I'm overjoyed to have them. The same can be said for The Foamers - arguably the first band in the UK to plumb the depths of Crack Rock Steady, rubbing shoulders with a young Choking Victim and touring with the likes of Leftöver Crack back in the day. I was overjoyed when they came back the other year and I'm stoked to have them on board for this. Impossibly lovely lads too. Hugs and Kisses! Just Say Nay - fuckit, this is also my birthday party, so fight me / preferably us.  Bogus Gasman - mellow/twee indie art-folk for fans of Sufijan Stevens and early/late Mostar Diving Club ... Haha NOT REALLY! Izza GaSMaN'S Oin dOi hOise OiNd hOi's cOim tOi rOid yOi mOitOi!¡!¡ CBH - playing a gig that isn't in the past?!?! For fans of calendars, horticulture, the millennium bug and blistering skatecore. Top lads. Finally, I'd like to extend my thanks to Poger Ink for the artwork - who incidentally designed The Infested's banging second album Eaten From The Inside ( C O N T I N U I T Y ), Jack for helping out with the poster, our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, and also my parents for the unsafe sex they had around October 1988. Hot.  Shufflecore / Leo, over and out.    Bring cake yeah?   X

Source: New Cross Inn website

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