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Fear and Loathing on Tour


New Cross Inn

323 New Cross Road SE14 6AS London

Gig Description

Fear and Loathing on Tour Facebook Event: Sunnylea is heading out on tour across the UK this coming April, playing with bands from all over the place, from many different musical worlds!

Our third stop is London at the acclaimed New Cross Inn, Lewisham, alongside Civil Villains, Jumpman, People and Other Diseases and Death Goals.

Two sweet boys that you wouldn't expect to see in a place like this, making noise like that. Appealing to the cognitive dissonance we all share, painting with vibrant splashes of violent grey, Death Goals live performance ensures audience participation and a memorable evening. The wave of two-piece rock bands popularised over the last decade is one so often filled with mediocrity and pretence, Death Goals represent the opposite.
FFO: The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Chariot, Daughters.

"Civil Villains are, in all the best ways, oxymoronic. Balancing noisy, complicated (albeit incredibly fun) songs, with a witty charm, Civil Villains make for a great show." Gigslutz, 2018
Sounding like the members of Placebo have been grip-taped to a chair and forced to listen to Jamie Lenman for a torturous period of time, Civil Villains with their patented brand of noisy, messy and jarring rock and roll take the stage to ensure the night is unforgettable.
FFO: Reuben, Biffy Clyro's first record, Placebo

Embarking on their first national tour, Sunnylea is gearing up for the release of debut album "The Zoo", set to come out around the middle of 2019. Excited to be playing with some of the best underground bands in the country across this run, the band have prepared a set list with more twists and turns than a cheap garden hose. Imagine Black Sabbath meets Radiohead but not quite as good as either, and featuring the occasional math-rock riff.
FFO: Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, TTNG

"Experimental hardcore/Nintendocore band from Watford/Chesham. With their blend of punk, tech-metal, and 8-bit chiptune synths, Jumpman always brings an intense, bizarre and energetic performance whenever they emerge from the fiery depths of the Mushroom Kingdom where they dwell."
No show is complete without a Nintendocore band. Taking us all back to a happier and more innocent chapter in all of our lives, when completing a video game was the biggest concern we had in our waking hours, but offsetting that nostalgia trip with distorted guitars and heavy metal drumming, Jumpman isn't something you'll forget seeing for a little while.
FFO: Video game OSTs, Converge, Vein (sort of..)

"Rough Post-Punk/Garage/Grunge 3 piece.
We are diseased, we are the disease."
Swansea based noise makers PAOD are making their way to London to join the bill and open the show, on the recommendation of Harry from Death Goals, you can imagine that they're going to sound pretty gnarred up. Embracing the true spirit of post, with no music yet released except live tracks, the band leave a lot to be discovered in their life performances.
FFO: The Fall, Joy Divison, Turnstile (sort of..)

NOTE: Set times won't be posted for this show. All bands performing encourage their respective audiences to give their time to the other bands on the bill, if possible.

£3 ADV / £3 OTD

Source: New Cross Inn website

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