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Mofgy + Ed Sykes + Little Avis + Art Fair + Follow The Giant


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Mofgy – Mixing up a little bit of that post Libertines/Babyshambles twinkly narco pop indieness with some brutal lofi punkery. Fury and frenzy aplenty, interesting sounds and a narrative that’s London Town des nos jours guv. Like it, like it a lot, and so will you.  Ed Sykes – Jagger cum Iggy strutting, tood driven rocknroll from Mr Ed, with a dash of wide eyed Americana- earworms aplenty from Ed and his band, who know a thing or two about gnarly neato rock and roll. Which is maybe why Dr Sykes sits behind the producer’s chair knocking out the goodies for the likes of Twink too. Little Avis – Righteously ramshackle indie rock with garage punk vibes amidst the Indie/Post-Punk sounds. Hailing from Manchester and also for fans of Talking Heads, Graham Coxon, The Cure & TelevisionArt Fair- nice emoting in the vocal, a wash of ethereal keys, nicely off kilter drums and probing bass…all good, very ‘live’ sounding, lots of energy and space in the music…touchstones could be Talk Talk, Japan and other 1980s stuff of an artful provenance. Follow The GiantCatfish And The Bottlemen, thru some minor key keening Coldplay type chords and a plaintive vocal to match. They pick up the tempo and turn up the guitars and punk it up in a nice gnarly manner.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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