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Sebright Arms

31-35 Coate St E2 9AG London

Gig Description

Hello live music event 4 u ❤️


Chikaya has always been a contrast to the norm, and embraces this to the fullest both in appearance and sound,
sporting electric blue braids, songwriter has been making waves with her distinctive vocals accompanied by
ethereal 808 beats created by herself and her producer (who remains anonymous)


18 years old trap musician, force of nature, fond of the French music scene. Scuti is part of 237 collective and has performed along Virgil Hawkins and Donalee. New to music and already making big waves, look out for the upcoming tape produced by t_n490.


Goliath is “what” he must defeat, whether it be addiction, the music industry, the most popular artist on earth or the devil himself. At the end of the day “Goliath is me. My greatest enemy. The one holding me back from happiness, the ones whose thoughts take control of my soul. My final obstacle.” Once it has been defeated he will take his rightful place on the throne.

Sophie DeMasi
Sophie DeMasi is a 19 year old singer, producer and songwriter from West London. As she first learnt to produce hip hop beats, her sound has hip hop influence that contrasts but complements her smooth vocal tone.

Julia Star

Julia Star started as a drag act expressing body anxiety but has now shifted to a rap/electronic music show. Julia uses songwriting to convey her anger and insecurities towards gender stereotypes, hoping to help womxn all around the world to find the strength to fight patriarchy on a daily basis.

DJ set by ERSATZ

South London-based, self-produced, digital-songwriter


Special thanks to Sinéad Westwood for designing this beautiful poster queen ♥

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