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Clockwork W/ Volkova Sisters, Tomzack, Hether


Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln E8 2EB London

Gig Description

Volkova Sisters

Volkova Sisters are a four piece band from Hungary now in England who borrowed their name from a cyberpunk novel by William Gibson. The “sisters” Gergely Kovacs, Daniel Sandor, Dalma Berger and Tibor Vangel found each other through a shared passion for dark and melancholic 80’s new-wave music. The Volkova Sisters have their very own compelling take on dark electronica with a sharper emphasis on industrial pop and adding their own twists of depth, breath an dynamism.

Infused with the dark side of cold wave, the infinite deepness of their music touches the intuitive and sensual part of human soul. Their first EP Venus Robot has been released after their US-trip, including SXSW, in 2011 and after 3 EP (Venus Robot, Hope, Holiday) and 2 LP (Blood Shapes This Faith and Slowin Away), they have been going strong ever since.

The new Volkova Sisters album, “Slowin Away” is a vital step forward from their previous dark-tech melancholy guiding the listener through a warped and vibrating, lush and diverse music structure.

Their new album is moving towards in electronica, this material is melting together techno, Gergely Kovacs's unmistakably distorted guitar sounds with Dalma Berger's eerie voice and Tibor Vangel's powerful drumming, creating a twisted, gloomy, leftfield pop which is meant to intoxicate your ears.

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Starts at 7:30pm, FREE entry!

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