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The Real McKenzies


New Cross Inn

323 New Cross Road SE14 6AS London

Gig Description

As part of Be Sharp Promotions 10th birthday celebrations...

The Real McKenzies
Canadian Celtic Punk Legends
£10 advance

The Real Mckenzies have achieved legendary status. Their live shows are highly regarded and they have been known to leave large audiences choking on their own dry mouths. They've been influence to more than a few bands, and ironically have been accused of ripping those same bands off, usually by journalistic hacks on the internet. They've toured the world endlessly, and frightened more than a few people at times, but its a small percentage to the numbers of people who leave their shows with ear to ear grins and think about the great time they had for weeks to come. I can imagine it will take death to stop these guys from doing what they do best, and that's kicking your ass in the face at each and every show they play.

Source: New Cross Inn website