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TCW: Babylon's Burning! with anxiety


New Cross Inn

323 New Cross Road SE14 6AS London

Gig Description

Facebook event: Cos even if you mess the first one up - which we didn't - you should adapt, evolve, learn and give it another go.
And cos it's a bit of a giggle innit, wrestling. A chance to just leave your shit at the door for a few hours, and we all need that.

8 matches, all killer. And this time we know where the lights are!

#8 The 2nd of 3 trips to New Cross this year, we had a laugh last time, come down, join us, we’re a bargin at Northern prices!!
CHUCK MAMBO vs SEAN ONLY - We have a new TCW Champion! Mambo beat Sugar Dunkerton to become the new leader of the band at ONE BAD DAY. Only has been pushing for title contention all year, losing his only opportunity to date
But at the first NXI show he put in a strong showing against Koslov so we already had this match in mind, it’s sheer coincidence that it’s now a title match, crazy how this shit works huh ?

#1 CHAKARA vs MERCEDEZ BLAZE vs ROXXY – 3 ladies with a lot of respect for each other, let's see where this goes

#2 LION KINGS vs THE NIC -The Lion Kings had a ruck up in Leeds with The NIC last year, it was quality…no one’s complaining about doing it again. Both have had many months to grow as a team and with no titles on the line no one has anything to lose, so all bets are off!

#3 HT DRAKE vs JOSEF KAFKA – 2 time TCW Champion, The Gimmic Killer vs the Man of 1000 Blessings, round 2. Kafka faced Drake on his Tidal debut and they had a strong match. 4 months down the line let’s see where they’re at!

#4 JAMES MASON vs BRADY PHILLIPS – we had a lot of people vying to face James Mason, if you don’t know why we’re not explaining it. Regular imports were kicking themselves that they weren’t available. Brady Phillips is a stain on any wrestling canvas he steps foot on, but he’s damn good at what he does and we have to appreciate that so we’re putting him in with one of the best in the country

#5 JACK BANDICOOT vs TERRY ISIT – Isit is a cocky little bleeder but he stepped up last minute of the first NXI show so we owe him one, but he’s going to have the fight of his life against the human pinball, Bandicoot. Jack’s fearless, a little unhinged even….it;s always the quiet ones….

#6 ROCKY MAC vs ALEX CUPID – Former tag champ, Cupid had requested some singles competition and we all love a bit of Rocky Mac so lets see what happens when we put the two together

#7 BORIS KOSLOV vs SPIKE TRIVET – The Mad Russian vs the Blue Blood. There’s no big story here, I just thought it could be a fun match up and have no idea how it’d play out, which is always fun, right ?   Sunday 23rd June Doors 3pm Tickets £15 ADV / £18 OTD

Source: New Cross Inn website

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