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The Scuts + Kid Dean + Forever Alien + The Young Moons


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Scuts – Combining the American Idiot end of punk pop with a hoedown shit kicking element- lots of jollies here, certainly will be fun live , a great punky party vibe… Lots of chantalong BVs and a general rowdy appeal… Kid Dean – Some nicely jangled but crisp and rocking scally cum psych rock…more like The High than The Stone Roses but that ballpark ya get me- bit of Bunnymen in here, some nice tood and a generally cool feel with garagey guts and a low slung slouch amongst the Oasoid rock that lifts it to something more satisfying.  Very good this. Contrastingly.. Forever Alien –  moody slomo electronica somewhere between early Cabaret Voltaire and Square Pusher – and a bit of Aphex Twin for sure…The Young Moons-shoegazing post rock infused indie with  some nice glacial guitar that reminds of Chameleons, nice. Strong tunes too.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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