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Those Naughty Lumps + Mofgy + The Q + Brutal Wounds


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Those Naughty Lumps – Pioneers of the recent wave of old-enough -to know -better -but-what-the-fook- post punk bands reviving their careers 40 years on and gracing stages and studios to great effect (see also Nuffin, Cult Figures, The Stukas), yer Lumps never fail to entertain. With 2 albums of brilliant cheeky but rocking material that sees our heroes operating in a space somewhere between the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, The Clash and XTC, this is a wonderful band who never fail to get you grinning, or gurning… Their hep and hip Liverpool heritage goes back to the infamous early Zoo Records early adopter 45 ‘Iggy Pop’s Jacket’ and Julian Cope once played bass for them. Perhaps he’ll be along tonight wearing druid robes and invoking Jove. Mofgy– A whole different generation, but every bit as wonderful. Mixing up a little bit of that post Libertines/Babyshambles twinkly narco pop indieness with some brutal lofi punkery, Mofgy are young guys with a sizzling set of ace songs. Fury and frenzy aplenty, and a narrative that’s London Town des nos jours guv. Brilliant. The Q – Chest thumping mod rock in the vein of The Purple Hearts and Secret Affair and other mod revivalists, but with less emphasis on uber popness and more hefty rock so certainly harks back to The Who and the latter career of Small Faces. Brutal Wounds – Tim Kirby’s new gnarly upbeat post punk cum garage rocknroll band – think Ruts, Gang Of 4, Godfathers- an excellently impassioned vocal and chugging, crisp riffology. Dynamic stuff.  ‘Reviving the angst and pain of the 80’s and 90’s’ Featuring Tim Kirby (Diatribe/The Loveless/The Cabal, Andy Curry (Hidden Bloom) and Jim Johnston (Monk & Canatella/Hexit)

Source: Dublin Castle website