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Sid Manson Presley + Stone Cold Buffalo + Sister Mercedes + The Buddha Pests


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Sid Manson Presley– Psychedelic blues rock from the wrong end of the tracks. Ape shit rock and roll. Psychopathic Romantics –  the folky, acoustic, slowmo punk band performs their original Bread and Circuses album.  You are in for a treat as the guitar players put down their guitars and plug in the bouzouki, mandolin and indian harmonium, layered by warm deep vocals. Occasionally distorting the mandolin and bouzouki just to make a point. They will bring you on a mental ride as they get into their psychedelic groove. Excellent new single ‘The Gathering’ is receiving radio plays as we type. Stone Cold Buffalo-Snappy garage pop with some lovely swirling n swelling organ that reminds of ? and the mysterions, but a grunged up version thereof, it rocks intensly but also skanks admirably and they’ve decent hooks too, fine work Sister Mercedes – Ex Junkbox / The Intolerable Kidd & Friends / Lonesome Cowboys…sensationally ramashackle and groovy garage tinged indie rock with a fab feeling of gay abandon and joie de vivre. The Buddha Pests – Indie with a very strong post punk element… think Can gone indie maybe? a bit of Pixies, a bit of Pigeon Detectives (gone punk), a lot of Buzzcocks here too… Superb ramalama.  

Source: Dublin Castle website