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Garage-Punk - Vibrogette, The Jigger Rabbits, Red Terror, Charmed Life


The Fiddler's Elbow

1 Malden Rd. NW5 3HS London

Gig Description

                 Garage-Punk - Vibrogette, The Jigger Rabbits, Red Terror, Charmed Life at The Fiddler's Elbow promotional image

We're excited to present you with a new night of Garage-Punk and other unclassified wild and wonderful bands and artists at the iconic Fiddler's Elbow.
5 squid on the door.
Great booze.
be there or else!

Charmed Life is the brain child and solo project of singer-songwriter Sharmini, previously associated with alt-Punk trio Vagina Threat.
In many ways, Charmed Life retains a lot of the raw energy of its Punk Rock origins and mixes it with poignant autibiograghical ballads that rely on much digital wizardry to deliver a flawless set of tunes that are guaranteed to get you on your feet and rooting for its sheer awesomeness.

Joey Reeves is usually known as the Hair-raising, riot-starting front man of Brighton based Hard Core Punk act Red Terror (They're Communists, did you know?)
It turns out the man is also a more than passable guitar player and offers to deliver a new take on his often provocative, always hilarious tune.
There's a song called Jeremy Corbyn Ate my Homework. Need I say more?

The Shite Stripes are a familiar sight on the London alternative scene. They deliver top notch, double worsted, no nonsense Punk Rock with a satisfying DIY, vintage finish. Check them out here:

Vibrogette is what happens when Punk Rockers from various scenes get together and start playing. Expect raw, uncompromising, bouncy, catchy tunes with an old school Punk and Grungey feel about them. Think Hole and Jesus Lizard, but also Iggy Pop and Joy Division. Oh and watch out for that bass player... anything can happen.

Noga is a new trio lead by Israeli singer-songwriter Noga Shatz.
Their new single, Under the Radar is a song about not fitting in, about feeling on the outside of things, about trying to hide this feeling very deep by laying low, living your life- doing your things- hoping no own will notice how strange and different you are, It's about feeling like a stranger in your own home. It's about being a virus inside society and at the same time staying out of trouble.

Source: The Fiddler's Elbow website

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