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Matinee Show - Brutalligators // All Better // Spank Hair // FCK


New River Studios

199 Eade Road N4 1DN London

Gig Description

NEW EVENT because the last one got deleted accidentally...

Brutalligators are a four-piece pile of limbs from South East UK. They play energetic and happy sounding songs about heartbreak, life going wrong and all of the injustices in the world today. We’ll be finishing off our tour with an afternoon show, featuring the awesome All Better, who we absolutely adore, and the equally as awesome Spank Hair, who are way more talented than us and we also love. Finally, we have a special treat opening for us direct from Melbourne Australia, with punk/hip-hop act FCK. Come. Dance. Melt your heckin face.

FFO: PUP, The Hard Aches, The Front Bottoms

All Better
FFO: Say Anything, Fall Out Boy (but the good FOB)

Spank Hair
FFO: American Football, Tellison

FFO: Spose, Camp Cope

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