Sorry, You are too late. This gig happened 3 months ago


Mat's 40th birthday. Good lord.


New River Studios

199 Eade Road N4 1DN London

Gig Description

Here it comes, lumbering onto the horizon like some mighty beast. Blotting out the sky with its cavernous maw, ignorant to all the miniature life-forms scurrying in fear at its feet. Cower! Cower, mortals! For Colegate's 40th is upon you! Flee! Flee!

Well, actually, if you could all come to New River Studios for an excessive amount of drinks that would be a nice compromise, don't you think? You know the venue, I'm sure. Fab pizzas will be available, there will be pints and pints and pints and my main man John Doran is going to be filling our ears with his magnificent selections. What else? I don't know, maybe I'll wear a hat or something.

Please attend, I can't do this without you.


Source: Facebook