The Strays + Velvet Starlings + Benjamin Gabe + The Non-Nonconformists


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Strays – Combining alt/groove rock textures with tight riffology that’s pretty darn funky and some beautifully beefy drumming. The Strays are rocking a sassy ragbag mix and match look and with girl singer coming on like a souped up fem rockabilly rebel so they have the visuals sorted too. Described in some quarters as ‘No Doubt meets Imelda May‘- which was actually exactly what I was just thinking. Neato. Benjamin Gabe – emotive indie pop with a possible nod to Coldplay by way of Muse (so shall we say Radiohead) but pretty much their own sound, very nice, from Slovakia with love.The Non-Nonconformists- post-punk that occasionaly touches on The Fall with un-hinged but amusing ranting/singing which reminds of the fellah from Momus, unique and refreshing

Source: Dublin Castle website

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