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Jimmy B And The Death Rattles + The Strange Days + Rats Nest + The Benefit Cheats


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Jimmy B And The Death Rattles – showbiz psychedelia and goth rock cabaret…kinda! (also starring The Dead Nymphettes…), all rather deliciously deviant with some wonderful funereal cum fairground keyboards, nice Fall cum Birthday Party rhythms and a bit of Doors strut and groove too….The Strange Days-Describe themselves as Gutter-rock champions hailing from the bosom of Brexitland and who are we to argue. Excellent hook laden, edgy, indie rock which doesn’t really sound  like anyone else, a neat trick.  Rats Nest- Fired up, yet melodic, 2nd wave punk outfit, G.B.H springs to mind, tight, hooky, aggressive and rousing tunes. The Benefit Cheats– Anthemic punk pop with a decidedly Clash feel bags of energy and conviction, hooky tunes too…

Source: Dublin Castle website