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SOLD OUT - Together Pangea live at The Shacklewell Arms


Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln E8 2EB London

Gig Description

DHP Family Proudly Presents:
Together Pangea
Live at The Shacklewell Arms

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday June 5th via Alt Tickets

On their last full-length album and first for Nettwerk, Bulls and Roosters, Together Pangea managed to hit a sweet spot between writing rock ‘n’ roll songs worthy of being hummed twenty years from now and maintaining the brash and ballsy bite fans know and love. Since they began jamming back in William’s Santa Clarita bedroom, Together Pangea have continually challenged themselves with each subsequent offering. Jelly Jam [2010] poured the gasoline, Living Dummy [2011] struck the match, and Badillac [2014] lit the fire with its revved up nineties rock-inspired flames. Along the way, fan favorites like “Sick Shit,” “Badillac,” and “Offer” would rack up millions of Spotify streams. “Snakedog” became a plot point in a bonkers episode of NCIS and “Sick Shit” soundtracked a trailer for HBO’s Animals, while the group received support from Consequence of Sound, Pitchfork, MTV, Stereogum, and more. Following the 2015 release of The Phage EP, produced by The Replacements’ Tommy Stinson, the boys independently embarked on the journey to what would become Bulls and Roosters. Now it represents their growth as a tried-and-true rock band with just the right amount of “brattiness,” as they like to say. The band spent much of 2018 on the road playing both headline shows and supporting Alkaline Trio.
Most recently, Together Pangea released back to back EPs, Non Stop Paranoia and Dispassionate. The former is comprised of 5 tracks whose lyrics reflect anxiety and paranoia in the age of misinformation, while the latter is meant to soothe those anxieties with self-reflection and reminders of what we love and cherish. “Dispassionate is the moon and Non Stop Paranoia was the sun. These new songs are kind of the opposite of the last batch. They are calmer and self-reflective, and the style is influenced by the 50’s and 60’s revival that happened in the 80’s.”

The summer of 2019 sees Together Pangea touring the US, first with Vundabar and then with Tijuana Panthers, before heading to Europe for a string of live dates in September.

Source: Facebook