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Just Say Nay - "Maximum Effort" Album Launch Show


New Cross Inn

323 New Cross Road SE14 6AS London

Gig Description

Facebook event: It gives us the greatest pleasure on earth to announce that we'll be unleashing our debut album, "Maximum Effort" on Friday, October 11th. The wait is nearly at an end.

Please join us, King Punch, Triple Sundae and Lucias Malcolm (of Call Me Malcolm fame) at the New Cross Inn, our spiritual home (and probably yours too), for an unfathomable, unforgettable, unrelenting evening, brim-filled with unwholesome wonders and unearthly delights. We're going to absolutely destroy you. And you'll love it. It'll be cute.

-About the Album-

For the last eighteen months or so, we've been busy recording with Ian Sadler - Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Emeline Studios in deepest, darkest, Whitstable - where oysters are made and click-tracks frolic, untamed and wild. Ian has become our green/gold? Power Ranger, our legendary extra member (because we need MOaRRR) - mighty-morphin from producer to bestfriend over the course of a gruelling year and a half. We love you Ian. Thank you for everything. We know it hasn't been easy and we're so proud of what we've achieved with you. You have the patience of a saint and the ears of a demi-god. Worship him heathens!

We've called our album "Maximim Effort", an undertaking not for the faint-hearted, nor the half-hearted. The album represents our epic struggle and ultimate triumph over the monumental voids of fear, pain and heartache, punctuating and pervading our meager lives. In "Maximum Effort", we face our melancholic monsters head on, armed to the teeth with joy, love and ten, maybe eleven? of the best friends we'll ever know. We cordially invite you all along for this cheerful ear-ride. Into the seething chaos. Into the maelstrom. Into oblivion itself. Maximum Effort.

-About the Bands-

Just Say Nay - We'll be playing the album in it's entirety, from start to finish. Maybe with a extra few classics thrown in there for good measure. Sorry for the songs you don't know. We'll teach you. You will learn.

King Punch - Godfathers of the party, purveyors of the finest music video in the known universe, and packing more bangers than the whole of Germany. You know the score. Give in to the monarch wallop that is King Punch, abide by their regal slap and dance till you're dizzy. Yes, we know they're playing Toby's birthday party - but that's ok, we are too!

Triple Sundae - Intrinsically bound together by mythic brother-bonds stronger and more subtle than adamantine silk; we wouldn't be us without Triple Sundae. These Angxtpunx are part of our twisted little family, we're so proud of them smashing everything to bits (including Canada) and we love them from the bottom of our broken little hearts.

Lucias Malcolm (of Call Me Malcolm) - Luke, our dear friend and mentor, has been an unending source of support and encouragement since we began life as a band. What better way to show him our gratitude and thanks than by forcing him onstage, alone, naked and afraid, in front of a baying crowd, aggressively chanting the hornline to "Does My Offbeat Look Big In This?" at him, over and over again. We love you Luke. Thank you for everything.


See you there


Source: New Cross Inn website