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Egyptian Elbows Giveth: Radidas


The Victoria

451 Queensbridge Road E8 3AS London

Gig Description

RADIDAS back with us for another, this time at The Vic. Come and get bathed in their new tunes. Warming up the water and soaping up the loofah are the EFFING TRANSCENDENTAL Eskimo Chain (been trying to book this lot for TIME) and the YOWL endorsed Hether...

and awayyyy we go!

Brighton based electronic two piece RADIDAS infuse contemporary dance music with underground psychedelia, to create their unique and fresh sound.

“Listening to them, can send you from thinking about comparisons with the Dr Who theme to the Cocteau Twins and across to The Horrors and the chillin’ out sounds heard during the early mornings in sunny Ibiza” - Brightonsfinest

'Miles Per Yeah' on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, iTunes, Shazam & Deezer Uk
Take a listen here:

The Eskimo Chain
Believe us, The Eskimo Chain are class - get your ticket at the link here then go home, and bang this on a good sound system
(then buy a copy)

Inspired by the experimental guitar noises of the late 80s, and early 90s, Hether began as a bedroom shoegaze project back in 2015, and has since evolved into a live band, with a line up consisting of Charlie, James, Harry, George, and fronted by Non-binary vocalist Nina Sever. Doom Pop, Ghost rock, call it what you will, Hether create a gorgeous melting pot of sounds, that synchronise together perfectly.

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