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Session 24 - Circus Cannon / Fatberg / Muscle Vest


Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln E8 2EB London

Gig Description

Man oh man!! last session absolutely blew the roof off of the Shack so it’s just as well we have another absolute booming session for number 24.

Circus Cannon
Circus Cannon make unreasonably loud psychedelic rock which will grab you by the lapels and drag you through the astral plane by way of the ninth circle of Hell, dumping you in a seedy alley somewhere. These guys produce live sets which are both chaotic and ecstatic and we cannot wait to have them headline for us.

These garage punks have gone down In gig folklore having once had a gig cancelled due to a real Fatberg flooding the venue. However the likelihood of that happening again is slim so be sure to come down and hear a slice of their garage fuelled punk full throttled madness hot off their debut release on Rat Run Records

Muscle Vest
As soon as we heard these guys we cold not resist their loud angular hard core noise and are absolutely over the moon to have secured these guys to open proceedings. Muscle Vest are the definition of loud, heavy, hardcore punks and have enough beef to pummel their way through any street battle on Double Dragon (NES) let alone an Exploding Head Session

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