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Broen at The Shacklewell Arms


Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln E8 2EB London

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Broen is the name of an Oslo, Mykonos-based quintet who specialize in vibrantly experimental groove-conscious pop. In the band’s native language, Norwegian, Broen means bridge. When the band started in 2011, its moniker was just a name that sounded cool to its founders. However, as the distinct artistic personalities in the collective began pooling their influences, they found it was an apt descriptive term for their bold musical adventures into unchartered artistic territories.

“The name has become a metaphor for us in terms of creating bridges between sounds and musical landscapes that would conventionally maybe not meet,” says vocalist Marianna S. A. Røe. Adds tuba player Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck: “Each time we play, we take the risk to walk together over the bridge that can lead us band members to musical places we didn’t know existed.”

Arm in arm for those fearless sonic odysseys are Anja Lauvdal synths, Lars Ove Fossheim guitar, Hans Hulbækmo drums, Heida Karine Johannesdottir Mobeck tuba, and Marianna S. A. Røe vocals. The five-piece band pens emotive and artfully-abstract poetic lyrics, and composes wildly imaginative pop informed by jazz, funk, psychedelia, electronics hip-hop, and whatever genre members are feeling on any given day. To date, Broen have internationally released 2017’s I Love Art (Bella Union), and 2019’s Do You See the Falling Leaves?( Bella Union).

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