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Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons + Hotdoggrrrl And The Sesame Buns + Dirty Viv + Bone Zeno


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons – Punk, hardcore, psychobilly, noize rawk and just a dash of metal played with the exacting energy and passion we know and luv. Always a challenging, compelling, empowering performance by Puss Johnson up front,  against a backdrop of fabulous , shredtastic, hook laden rumbling rock n roll from Jake and Ant, often augmented by Puss on second geetar. Brilliant, and thoroughly in the not to be missed dpt as ever. There’s a Dirty Johnson in No.10 but these three are No.1, ya git me. Hotdoggrrrl And The Sesame Buns – Attitood to the fore female fronted garage punk with a twangsome surf elementand plenty of sass n frenzy, as you’d wish. Mustard AND ketchup AND onions. Yum. Dirty Viv – Punk pop ramalama, for girls who do boys who like confounding your expectations… and a with a penchant perhaps for girl group and The Ramones …memorable tunes perpetrated by very good players, good stuff. Bone Zeno – Cursin’, cussin’, carousin’ punk rock with a swampy blues current running through it via nasty bedroom DIY punk elements…A man with  mission…and that mission is yowsah let’s get damn frantic. Think Stooges/Black Flag/Ministry. 

Source: Dublin Castle website