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Fort William w/The Pheromoans/Dog Chocolate/The Pouring Rain


The Victoria

451 Queensbridge Road E8 3AS London

Gig Description


Bonding over karaoke in Vegas, Lee Hall and Micky Graham combine perfect indie-pop sensibilties with a touch of insanity in their latest outfit – behold FORT WILLIAM!

Lee Hall played guitar and led the vocals in 90s Peel favourites Beatglider as well as fronting Ghost Music more recently. Micky G. has shared his love of diverse samples and electro-ditties in multiple projects such as Milky Genes and Mrs Mills & Boon. But FORT WILLIAM isn’t just about reinventing ideas glimpsed in other bands.

In this debult album Butter Mountain the duo take things to a heightened level with a mish-mash of Country and Space Pop ignited by lyrics that bounce around your mind even longer than the catchy hooks which underpin them. There is humour, there is pathos, there are many moments of emotional intensity, and an overriding sense that this band are having a great time creating and performing the tunes that form the record. And it’s utterly infectious. The songs are all A-side material. When FORT WILLIAM sing ‘We’re the best men for the job, we’re the best men for the job...’ it’s impossible to disagree. Come dip your toe in the bottomless pool of sorrow-tinged but ultimately positive dynamite that is Butter Mountain. You will make friends for life.

Fort William will be celebrating the launch of their fantastic debut album 'Butter Mountain' which is out on Southend Records on November 28th 2019.

‘The only way is up for Fort William in every sense of the name’ Clash magazine


For the last twelve years The Pheromoans have occupied their own peculiar niche in the UK's DIY music scene. Initially known for primitive garage-esque repetition on their early releases, (two LPs for Upset! The Rhythm) saw the group develop a more pastoral sound before being mutated by electronics on 2016's 'I'm On Nights'. 'County Lines' is their fifth full-length and takes in each aspect of their past sonically, providing a wry tonic for today’s heady exhaustion.

More of life's banalities and stale daydreams are given a good airing in Russel Walker's lyrics. Delivered with the usual droll lethargy, he's a septic entertainer par excellence who teases out just enough of the very real horror of the UK's current predicament to keep his aggrievements charming. At times - see Troll Attack - it's a crushing lament. 'County Lines' weaves Walker in and out of meandering guitars and crude drum machines that waltz and tumble with live drums... The frenzy edges us into a reverberating trance, pulling a sucker punch like an inconclusive nightmare.


Dog Chocolate sound like a crowded room but are actually four individuals from London. Having played in many other bands including Yeborobo, Limn and Gasp! Cracking Eggs, united they recognise Dog Chocolate as their one true love.

Abandoning notions of elegance, cred and professionalism they embrace the ramshackle, instant and fun, capturing a vivid spontaneity with their music. 'Snack Fans' is the band's debut album, following on from 2014's release 'Or', a split LP with gastronomic kin Ravioli Me Away (released by Upset The Rhythm). 2018 saw the release into the wild of the 'Moody Balloon Baby' too, Dog Chocolate's second full length album.


The genius songwriter behind Private Trousers, Rich Chapman will be playing a rare solo set as The Pouring Rain. Get there early...

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